Tuesday, May 16, 2006

JPennant: Ok, Im finally setting up the selling of prints.
McClint: you do realize that you need a "profile" in order to sell them for more than $5, dont ya?
JPennant: profile?
McClint: anyone can buy a picture,,, but if the photographer has a profile, it gives the picture weight.... you have clout
JPennant: you mean, A Name? :-)
McClint: "Joe Pennant has a keen eye for the sublime and ordinary. He makes raindrops appear magical..." etc etc
McClint: yes. A Name
JPennant: Oh, that. The Legend :-)
JPennant: The Cover Story :-)
JPennant: heheheh
McClint: yeah something like that
JPennant: Yeah, I sorta do
McClint: if you dont have that, you might as well just sell pencils
JPennant: I dunno if you remember
JPennant: back in 99, you saw some picture I took of the WTC from the back of a cab
JPennant: called me a goddamned Ansel Adams :-)
McClint: hahaha i dont remember
JPennant: or, more accurately you said - "What are you trying to be, a goddamned Ansel adams" :-)
JPennant: See, since that time in 99 my shit has been seen across the world
JPennant: my one and only exhibition basically sold out
JPennant: even tho i had no intention of selling anything
McClint: as long as you can answer the question: Who is Joe Pennant and why do I wanna buy his pictures? then you're covered
JPennant: Its all marketing for sure
JPennant: youve got that right
JPennant: but you know youve arrived when youre standing there taking pictures, and a man puts a hundred dollar bill in your hand to buy a picture he's only seen on the back of your camera
McClint: hehe Ben Franklin can be a good motivator
JPennant: Actually, the motivator was - strangers want to buy my shit.
McClint: hehehe

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