Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Craig Feerguson's Late Show:

"Dear Satan,

First of all, Happy Birthday."


So the Devil is a gemini. Figures.

Today's horrorscope sez:

Call upon your strong work ethic; the more work you put in the better the reward.

Stop overpacking -- literally and metaphorically. The universe knows exactly what you need, so why are you so paranoid about being underprepared? Trust that you'll receive exactly what you need just when you need it.

Your work has been making a steady progression, and you will finally start to sense all the possibilities. This could take your farther than you ever dreamed! A new person's avid interest in what you're doing is an encouraging sign. Try not to let flattery take all your attention right now, but be openly grateful when someone gives you a word of support. It feels good to be recognized -- and valued -- for who you are. Get used to it. This is merely a taste of what's coming.

There's nothing like sweat equity to make you feel like you've really put a part of yourself into something. Physical effort toward your goal will not only pay off in progress, but it will also pay off emotionally. Your work ethic is admirable, and it has been gaining you a throng of quiet admirers -- one of whom has a lot of pull. Keep going at it with your humble, hardworking approach. Above anything else, it will feel good to be tired at the end of every night.

Ooh, nice. :)

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