Friday, June 09, 2006

Two more weeks, and Im done with this job.

Upon hearing the news I was leaving, my coworkers said I shouldnt leave. Work a little longer, make a little more money.

Nah, i actually decided to leave last December, so Ive done that.

Upon hearing I was leaving, managers at other properties asked me if I decided to come back, I would be welcomed with open arms.

No, I told them - I have plans.

Nice to hear, but one thing Ive learned - once you leave, dont go back. In job or relationships, there are very good reasons youve decided to leave.

Only my desire to make sure my rent and internet bills are paid thru the summer is keeping me there right now. Otherwise, my summer vacation wouldve started already. :)

My coworkers still dont believe Im leaving.
JPennant: "Big time photographer"?
JPennant: Them's fightin words
McClint: hahahahah keep up with the rest of the class
JPennant: heheh
McClint: so what's new?
JPennant: the Times article came out, I wasnt in it
McClint: yeah. oh well
JPennant: two more weeks before im unemployed
McClint: you got to practice your interview skills
JPennant: "I want a job, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease"
JPennant: that?
McClint: hahaha no
JPennant: hehehe
McClint: "So Mr Pennant, who have been your biggest influences and where do you see your art 20 years from now?"
JPennant: o
JPennant: "I look at no one's art, I make my own, and ive adopted this snotty english accent, because I am better than you."
McClint: hahahaha
JPennant: wait
JPennant: "snotty french acceent"
JPennant: madonna took the snotty english accent
McClint: yeah
JPennant: "zis print - 25 zousand Euros"
JPennant: "but its a picture of women's asses"
JPennant: "I should be charging you more"
McClint: hahaha

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