Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random thoughts

Im on a
diet of sorts, eliminating and cutting back on some favorite foods. Not to lose weight, but to lower my cholestorol and blood sugars - so no cheese and cut back on starches.

Cheese wasnt so hard. Starch, very much so. I love breads. Potatos. And rice. GIVE UP RICE???

I dont wanna give up rice.

So more protein, less starch. The good news? I feel lighter on my feet already. The bad news? I feel hungry constantly. Even shortly after a big meal. This is when I realized that I depended on starches to make me feel full and sated for a long time. After a protein rich meal, the low grade hungry feeling comes back quicker.

I appreciate the benefits, i hate the feeling.

With this comes another realization - my sense of direction comes from food!

When I cut back on starches, a lot of my favorite places to eat were suddenly eliminated, giving me no good reason to wander in that direction.

I find that interesting.
"Are you a photographer?"

I still dont answer that question well. I hum, haw, equivocate.

"I take pictures", i say.

Oddly, the questions have become more intense now.

"Are you a professional?"

I still equivocate.

One of the essential components of one's identity is a cover story, a legend, the short bio that establishes who you are. Like a pocket full of ID's, it establishes or denies entry to people and places.

As any con man or king will tell you - a good cover story or legend is gold.

So, why am I equivocating?

I dont earn money at photography. I feel my work is only now coming up to a consistent pro level. I dont have pro level gear yet. Heh, no business cards. :)

But what it comes down to is a feeling that I am lacking somehow.

Aright. These things must be addressed.

A good cover story is too valuable to eff with.

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