Thursday, June 29, 2006

While in the shower, i did some good thinking (i need to get a waterproof pen and paper to jot shit down while in the shower) and then I started singing the refrain from Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party"...

But it's all right now,
I learned my lesson well

You see,
you can't please everyone,
so you got to please yourself

What am i reading now? Brit photography magazines mostly. Got a big pile of them, in fact. Brits tend to be keen photographers, and being the down-earth types, there is a ton of useful info in them, as opposed to the American mags, which tend to tell you what you need to buy and the french, which are all about the pictures themselves.

Unfortunately, that pile of mags Ive accumulated over the past year is distressing me, as I swore Id never accumulate a lot of books again, as books are heavy and are hard to carry around.

The best of them Ive found so far are

- Practical Photography
- Photography Monthly
- Digital Photographer
- Digital Camera World

Great magazines, expensive in the US (13 bux apiece), increasingly easy to find, except for the UK Digital Photographer. The major chains dont stock it and they are quickly sold at the few places where they do sell it. I actually had to beg for months before my newsstand started stocking them. They didnt believe me on the poplularity of the mags, but now they see them flying off the racks. Heh.

Ive always had a dream of running/owning a discriminating newstand/coffee shop/liquor store at a major commuter spot, sorta like Farley's in Potero Hill.

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