Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today's horrorscope:

You're ready to progress, but could still be unsure just where you're going, with whom, etc. This kind of openness is both wonderful (anything can happen!) and dangerous (anything can happen!).

Heh. Too true.

Today is the last shift, then i go do what Ive been waiting nigh on 20 years to do.

My message to folk in their 20's: Dont let fear stop you from what you know what you want to do. Oh yeah, and finding yourself? Look - you are who you are. Stop worrying about it.

Anyway, ive been kinda fuzzy on what to do next, even if i had all the funds in the world. All I really want to do now is take pictures and go walkabout for a bit.

Anything could happen tho. :)

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