Monday, July 17, 2006

You're entering a contemplative time when thinking about things will illuminate you.

You're entering an inward phase, and it's all about thinking today. If you're looking for some illumination in your life or some sign as to what direction you should take next, it may come in the form of a riddle or confusing clue. Luckily, your wits are sharper than ever, and you'll be able to decode the message without much struggle at all.

It has been a quiet contemplative July. Apart from being out shooting, Ive been pretty low key. Not what i expected to do, I expected to do a lot of travelling - but eh.

Ive been.. preparing. Ive been... absorbing.. things. Absorbing things that doesnt seem relevant, but makes perfect sense to me.

History, Business, marketing, photography and photographers, art and how they are all intertwined.

One of the more surprising things i have been absorbing is... power. Power and the application thereof. I have always been fascinated by the subject, although im not personally interested in the game.

The other day I came across this article in the LA Times

Laws for an Outlaw Culture

Hip-hop artists swear by the often-ruthless 48 rules
of power put forth by a 'geeky white guy' as they seek
the upper hand in the boardroom

Ah, yes - The 48 Laws of Power. I never read it, but i did remember it being a NY Times bestseller from the late 90's, but i didnt realize it was being widely used as a textbook on how to get ahead, ala Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince'. So, I sent the article on to a few folk, including the Cappy. She replied:

Did you read these 48 Laws? Have you made your first million?

Sounds ugly and ruthless, not my style or yours.

I can't really say good luck with this, I think these laws are a mask for selling souls to the devil.

... echoing the opinion of many.

No, its not my style, nor my preference. However, recent experience has shown that Im not too shabby at it. And it made me recognise that you have to be prepared to play at a higher level.

So, i picked up a copy from Borders.

Got a feeling there is more to absorb.

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