Friday, October 20, 2006

Hopefully, I wont jinx it but...

The plan
was to take the summer off, then return to my old profession after. It didnt work out exactly as I planned.

Thats where my head battled with my gut. My head told me to go to Plan B and C, things were getting bad. My gut told me everything is gonna work out.

Over the years, listening to my gut has gotten me through, to the point I trust it implicitly. The only thing I dont trust it anymore is with relationships. Thoroughly unreliable there.

But as i was torn between abandoning the Plan and persevering, my instinct has been cheerfully optimistic.

And as Clint will tell you, every time i started moaning about how my gut was leading me down the garden path, things kept happening that was proving my gut has reasons to be so damned optimistic.

Enough good things are starting to finally happen where i am already making plans even tho nothing is for sure yet.

But my gut is still optimistic.

Aright, let us see how things work out.

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