Monday, October 16, 2006

Moving on

I had
a weird dream earlier. It had me moving somewhere, packed up and having a goodbye meal (and goodbye sex) with an ex before I jumped on a plane.

What made it weird was the incongruity of the people involved. The ex is half a continent away, and - I thought - safely forgotten. And where the hell was I moving.

Clint tried to talk some sense into me:

mcclint: you were leaving the bay area?
JPennant: yeah
mcclint: hahah what have you been smoking?
JPennant: and why the hell am i dreaming about someone i havent seen in years
mcclint: nothing wrong with that
JPennant: thought id resolved all that
mcclint: memories are memories.
mcclint: if your dream world includes the bicycle you rode when you were 7 years old and a stranger on the bus you saw on 2 occasions outside the bus.... it doesn't mean squat
JPennant: is my subconscious leaking?
JPennant: :-)
mcclint: your brain is just trying to create some nighttime entertainment for ya

For me, It's rarely that simple.

For me, even random dreams arent random.

I'll figure it out.
Ive been thinking recently about moving, leaving the bay area - stopped only because I'd like to keep the place as a home base, somewhere to come back to wherever I go.

That may not be realistic, paying rent in two places. All I REALLY need is a PO Box.

Everything i'd really want to take with me, can be packed into a backpack at this point, dont need everything.

Why hang onto a life I dont need?
Checked into the ex's life, just to see. Eh, only mildly interesting, nothing to do with me.

Yup, ive moved on.

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