Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not too old for Games

I'm not
really into video games. As a kid, i did the arcades, but never got much beyond space invaders, centipede and pacman. I later got an atari collection, but soon gave it away to a marine just home from the first Gulf War.

Consoles, i just cant see the appeal.

However, my viewpoint changed when I worked at AT&T and my cohorts introduced me to two seminal games - Doom and Descent. That's when i geeked out, building my machines to handle games, playing those games enough to rewire my brain. At AOL i was introduced to MechWarrior, but I soon stopped trying new games - because the vast majority of the games bored me after i figured them out. And that is the same to this day.

But the last Great Game i was introduced to, has the corniest name, but my god - I havent played another since then. Regular readers will know what I wax rhapsodic about - Total Annihilation. For those who havent yet been bored senseless by my adulation, here is a synopsis of the appeal:

Pure Style: Total Annihilation is the perfect name for the game. It was TOTAL. Nothing about this game is half-ass: it's like a videogame apocalypse. You don't just order an attack -- you send in a WAVE of hundreds of units, a wall of steel death that will fill the screen with awesome-looking explosions for minutes on end. You can build a nuclear missile capable of destroying a screen full of units, but it's worthless to build just one: Typically, you send them over in batches of a dozen or more. Obscene? YES. That's Total Annihilation! Every game was non-stop action, carnage, and brutality at a level never seen before or since.


So, to my great joy, the other day my junior tech said "Hey, i just saw a trailer for the sequel to Total Annihilation. Jesus, that game looks SICK!"


Here's the trailer:


Normally, sequels tend to be underwhelming - but Supreme Commander looks sick indeed.

Total Annihilation - bigger, better and badder.


That's a good thing.

Hmm, I may have to build a Plentium to handle this...

4 Dual Core CPU's and 16 gigs of RAM? Hmmm, youre right - EIGHT Dual Core CPU's and a power supply big enough to dim the lights west of the Rockies when i turn it on. :)

Yeah, baby.

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