Friday, December 08, 2006

Today's horrorscope sed:

Try not to get so bogged down in your work that partners and loves ones get the impression that you no longer have any time for them. Your work is important, of course, but what will it mean to you 50 years from now? Put your family first today and every day. Make room in your life for love.

The other day, i started feeling the need...

"If i had more money, things would be better... if i won the lottery.."

Things would be better? Whoa. Stop.

Those thoughts started popping up after 2 weeks of staying late at work. Thoughts of not feeling at peace. Some anger. Tired.

Man, i think im working too hard.

McClint: Remind yourself to have a life.
JPennant: Yeah.

Remember to have a life, man.


The building I work in was described as "grungy" by the recent Business Week article, and the top floors are rented by some up and coming "Web 2.0" organisations.

Naturally, the buzz being generated about these "Web 2.0" orgs is the Dot Com boom 2.0 as Venture Capitalists and Wall Street salivate to shake the money tree again and get rich from some more dotcom madness.

The other night, leaving at around 9pm, the front door was being held open by an employee of one of those organisations to let in a smartly dressed waiter from a high end restaurant delivering hot food.

Brought back memories, as I chatted with the young guy, of my own Dot Com experiences, working at places gripped in pre-IPO madness. Crazy. Killing themselves for supposed riches. The web 2.0 version of the money payoff madness this is to be bought out and absorbed by a bigger organisation.

I came into work the next day, and again I saw a gaggle of tuxedoe'd restaurant folk delivering boxes of food. The lightbulb went off, and I felt a twinge of jealousy. These food deliveries were being paid for by VC's trying to woo the oprganisation to get in on the action, the business week article valuing them at several hundreds of millions, ripe for being bought in this version of the Web 2.0 money madness.

These young folk are having dreams of being millionaires.

Dammit, these guys were coming down to our offices snarfing pizza from us, and now theyre being fed finer food at all hours of the day.

And theyre not sharing. :)

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