Thursday, January 18, 2007

I wasn't called "JoGuru" for nothing

MisterB: ok, i hate to ask for free pc help, but i'm running outta ideas :-P
JPennant: Nothing free in this world, brother. :-)
MisterB: hehe
MisterB: lost my wireless connection on the lappy
JPennant: ok
MisterB: my guess was it was the anti-virus prog i installed
JPennant: mm, k
JPennant: not enough info to process
MisterB: the repair function just says that it cant renew the IP addy
JPennant: ok
JPennant: lets step back a bit
MisterB: k
JPennant: (buncha diagnostic questions to determine connectivity)
JPennant: see if you cant hook it into your router directly
MisterB: i've been trying lots of things
MisterB: i tried that and it didn't work
JPennant: aha
JPennant: hmm, hard to narrow it down if i dont have it in front of me
MisterB: yup
JPennant: so, wild ass guesses here
MisterB: sure
JPennant: try to establish connectivity with the laptop plugged directly into the router
MisterB: hmm, lemme try to find another cable
MisterB: got one
MisterB: ok, plugged in... ahh, it's working now
JPennant: good
MisterB: lemme check for sure
JPennant: what does ipconfig report?
MisterB: 2 ip connections
JPennant: good
JPennant: ip addresses?
MisterB: & 101
JPennant: interesting
JPennant: unplug the cable
MisterB: k
JPennant: see if you still have connectivity
MisterB: hmm, looks like i might
MisterB: yup
JPennant: youre good. prolly just needed a kickstart
JPennant: to renew the leases
MisterB: cool!
JPennant: :-)
MisterB: you da man ;-)
JPennant: hahaha. no problem
MisterB: whew
MisterB: ok, free din on your next visit... well, you woulda got one anyways :-D
JPennant: hahahah, no doubt
MisterB: man, if only i knew it was that easy
JPennant: eh, it fixed itself
JPennant: just gotta jiggle the wires sometimes
MisterB: i felt more like kicking the tires
MisterB: with a hammer
JPennant: heheh
JPennant: i know the feeling
MisterB: hang on.. gonna log off here and move to the other room, now that the lappy is up again
JPennant: okie

MisterB signed off at 9:58:27 PM.
MisterB signed on at 9:59:34 PM.

MisterB: back in bizness!
JPennant: right on
JPennant: heh, it reminds me of something during the very bad years
JPennant: i would mention what i did for a living
JPennant: and people, either not knowing what i used to do, or only knew me as poor and destitute
MisterB: nod
JPennant: were skeptical of my supposed skills
JPennant: the old "if you can do all that, what are you doing here/there in that situation"?
JPennant: I'll admit
JPennant: my ego took a bruising.
MisterB: yeah, i would imagine so
MisterB: but you had a goal
JPennant: sorta feels good to flex again :-)
MisterB: and you stuck to it
JPennant: yeah, i went through all that crap for a reason
JPennant: and i still have a goal
MisterB: kinda unusual path, but then again, why be like everyone else?
JPennant: well, i didnt choose the path exactly
JPennant: not something i would consciously choose
MisterB: but you didnt exactly have to do it that way
JPennant: no
JPennant: didnt have to
JPennant: would i do it differently in hindsight? no
JPennant: would i do it again? no :-)
JPennant: hell no
MisterB: hehe

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