Saturday, January 13, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge at Dusk 2000

mars: wow you have 13K+ photos in flickr
mars: do you have ONE favorite?
JPennant: yes
mars: which one? old? new?
JPennant: old
mars: ah
mars: that is most certainly a nice one
JPennant: I think i like it because it made me truly realise every moment is unique
mars: when did it become your favorite? after you snapped it or later?
mars: like after 9-11?
JPennant: it was one of my favorites when i took it
JPennant: i had just come from a date with ******** and I was flying high
mars: ah
JPennant: so i walked all the way home to brooklyn from manhattan
JPennant: and as i crossed the bridge i was just taking pictures for the fun of it
JPennant: if you look CLOSELY at that picture, there is something unique about the perspective
mars: its over the road?
JPennant: yup
mars: i always wondered what you did to get that shot
JPennant: i wrapped the wrist strap tight around my hand, stuck it through the wires, held it steady and snapped
JPennant: loved the way it turned out
JPennant: after 9-11, i realised a nice moment in time could never be recreated.
JPennant: before then, I always thought i could recreate almost any shot
JPennant: go back
JPennant: this picture reminds me that you can never really go back.'
JPennant: because every moment is unique
mars: that's a good thing to learn
mars: same goes for life in general
JPennant: yup
JPennant: thats why i take so many pictures
JPennant: of even mundane things
JPennant: seemingly mundane
JPennant: because i know eventually, i'll never see it again
mars: =) nice way to look at it
JPennant: heh
JPennant: thats why I now know the diferrence between "time doesnt last forever" and "time is precious"
JPennant: before that picture, i thought it was the one and the same
JPennant: thats why it is my favorite :-)
mars: i'm glad i asked you
mars: thanks for sharing it
JPennant: youre quite welcome

morning break

JPennant: whats funny is that i see that pic a little differently
mars: how so?
JPennant: its another moment in time pic, but different because
JPennant: i was heading home after a night in manhattan
JPennant: i was probably talking to you from times square that night
mars: probably =)
JPennant: anyway, I was dog tired, the battery was almist dead
mars: grrr...writing a recommendation in 150 words or less is hard!
JPennant: heh, i can only imagine
JPennant: so that picture, i was thinking the night was over
JPennant: but then i saw that scene
JPennant: and so to keep the battery from running down, id take a picture, save it, and then shut down the camera.
JPennant: but, it was a moment in time because things were changing
JPennant: and again, nothing was ever the same again
JPennant: so, it wasnt the end of the night
JPennant: it was the start of a new adventure
mars: were you in NY on 9-11? can't remember
JPennant: Yes and no
JPennant: early morn on 9/11 i was in Manhattan
JPennant: i was talking to you and other folk
JPennant: then at 4:30 am, a voice in my head told me to go home
JPennant: i was gonna go to Dunkin Donuts get some coffee and donuts and go back to the internet cafe
JPennant: and then the voice in my head went and said again .."GO. HOME."
JPennant: so i caught the last bus out of Manhattan to Bayonne
JPennant: at 5:15 am
JPennant: got home at 5:45am 9/11.
JPennant: if i hadnt caught the bus, I wouldve caught the 8am PATH train out of Manhattan
JPennant: where do you think i wouldve caught it?
mars: wtc
JPennant: yup
mars: so glad you listen to your inner voice
JPennant: umm...
mars: sometimes
JPennant: it wasnt my voice
mars: ah...who's voice?
JPennant: dont know
JPennant: Ive only heard that voice a few times in my life
JPennant: its different from my own inner voice
JPennant: it seems to come from everywhere
JPennant: and has a certain BASS to it :-)
JPennant: i told my lil brother about it
JPennant: he was the only one who didnt think i was crazy
JPennant: said it was a higher power telling me to get my black ass home :-)
JPennant: i went to sleep and was wakened at 10 after 11am
JPennant: by the news helicopters
mars: "get my black ass home" haha
mars: very cool
mars: but i'm glad you hear this voice
mars: if only we all were so lucky
JPennant: guess so
JPennant: my take on it is that i wasnt meant to die then, that I have other work to do
JPennant: and Im having fun doing it :-)
JPennant: I believe we choose our paths and then stuff happens
JPennant: we may not choose our destinies, but we do choose our paths
mars: that's a good way to look at it
JPennant: I could be wrong :-)
JPennant: but it makes sense to me
mars: good night jp! thanks for the great convo
JPennant: night m'dear.

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