Monday, January 08, 2007

Same old story

killed the laptop Thursday night. I watched as the trickle of water from the knocked over bottle glided unerringly to the laptop's achilles.. the hole by the PC slot, where the power plug, power switch, power supply AND video card sit all crowded together. Id say it was less than a quarter of a teaspoon worth of water that entered the laptop through that hole, but it was enough.

After a few seconds, it shut down. I immediately turned it over, let it dry out, and it did boot after an hour - but with no video.

I dont feel like fixing it.

Ugh. At least that night, I slept soundly.

Replacing the laptop. Well, I desultorily searched for new machines, but ...aahhhhh, I couldnt pull the trigger on a new laptop. Im in IT - computers are disposable to me. Id much rather buy a used machine than a new one. So, I didnt. I looked on Craigslist, and for 200 bucks early Saturday morning, I took home a clean Dell C600.

But really, I sorta didnt want to get a machine. I was getting sleep the few days I was without a machine.

I think I have to learn to shut it down and go offline.

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