Monday, March 19, 2007

Today's horrorscope:

You make an important decision about a relationship. You feel what you feel — no need to justify or explain your logic. There's precious freedom in making friends with the truth.
Let's hope it turns out well.
My first few years in the Bay Area, I found out the climate of coastal northern California is perenially chilly, with wet winters, foggy summers. However, the days are invariably mild but jackets are a wise choice when the sun goes down.

San Franciscans tend to like that kind of weather. They call it "Air-conditioned". They actually bitch mightily if the temperature exceeds 82 degrees! Here, that constitutes a Heat Wave. I kid you not.

Myself, I like distinct seasons. Mild springs, hot summers, sharp Falls and chilly winters. Call me crazy.

And yet, as most of California has experienced an uncommonly warm winter and early spring, I find myself uncommonly sweating during this period in the low 70's. Ive even shed my jacket and wearing t-shirts as I find myself SWEATING in 70 degree weather!

Oh my lord.

Ive become a San Franciscan.

Just dont call me Frisco.

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