Friday, April 27, 2007

Karma is a Dancer

I broke a cardinal rule of mine the other day.

I bought an item I suspect was ill-gotten.

I try not get anything that I suspect was stolen, that was not earned - because that is inviting bad karma into your life. Over the years, Ive come to regard karma as a real and powerful force. I queried the guy offering the item for sale if it was originally his. He assured me that he had lost the camera and didnt need the tripod.

I may suspect he was lying, but I cannot prove it.

So, I needed a good tripod and precise head, and there it was.

I also believe that things happen when theyre supposed to when you have a purpose.

I suspect this nice, heavy-duty tripod is what I need for now.
Today's horrorscope:

You need to have a bit more confidence in yourself, especially when it comes to making your way in the business arena. According to your solar chart your latest idea is not only good, it's brilliant, but the world may never know of it unless you get out there and sell it to the masses. Commerce is not a dirty word.

I have a retirement plan, have had one for years, seeming evidence to the contrary. But aspects of the plan, didnt seem complete, missing piecves of the puzzle as I tried to align my passions with reliable cashflow.

See, my philosophy is I want to live my life almost exactly the same way if I have money or not, money must go hand in hand with intent and passions.

So anyway, someone suggested something that "clicked" and gave me inspiration for a way to pay for my passions.

In fact, it clicks so well - that it gives a reason to roll all the other plans I have in the air.


As Warhol said: Business is an art.

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