Monday, April 23, 2007

San Francisco's Fire Chief telling me how she came across my work and

Long story short:

The area fire chiefs were having a meeting, and one came into the meeting with this print to tease her about being touchy feely with the guys

SOMA fire scene

He told her he had gotten it off Flickr, she asked Mona "what's flickr" , Mona looked it up and said "I know him! He's a friend of mine", the chief printed out the pictures but REALLY wanted nice prints.

Then I bumped into her this morning, I mentioned Mona had told me about her wanting a print, she said "THAT'S YOU???" and got really excited. :)
It looks like I just got out bed, right? I did. I'd just intended to get some Sunday breakfast, coffee and reading material.

When mom tells you to look groomed when you leave the house because you never know who you'll run into, she's aint lyin.

The person in question would be San Francisco's Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White, who likes my pictures and wants me make some prints I had taken of her at a fire scene.


yam said...

Haha, I'd have to say that's a classic "Joe" pose. Congrats on the recognition!

Anonymous said...

what a great compliment! and what a small internet world! that's awesome joey!!!!! cyn