Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning of August 29th

Morning of August 29th, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

My father, on his birthday, didnt want a birthday party or gifts. His routine was simple: he'd go to church - the only time he went to church for the year - and disappear for the rest of the day.

Mine is just as simple: I buy all the newspapers for that day, go get a good breakfast and read them through, go walkabout and then go get a nice dinner. Just be by myself. That's it. That's ALL I want.

I get quite cranky and surly if people want to throw me a party or take me out to dinner. Im not being coy. It's my day and that's how I want to do it.

It was a good day. :)

Born August 29

You are inclined to assert your will powerfully in the year ahead, as freedom is more important to you than usual. Nevertheless, increased responsibilities and the need to pay extra attention to your practical affairs are also themes. Focus and commitment are keys to success! Getting your finances and your love life in order plays a big role, although ups and downs and a few disappointments in these areas of life are likely.

August 29, 2007 -- IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY

Just because you are a Virgo some people seem to believe you are naive and easily persuaded, but it isn't true and what happens over the next 12 months will prove once and for all that you can be subtle and sophisticated too. It's good to be underestimated: it gives you the element of surprise.

Today's Birthday (Aug. 29). A move looks likely for you this year, or at least a renovation. Keep your objective in mind, yet stay flexible. You will learn to adapt. You can have some of what you want, but probably not everything.

Im now 43. Im officially middle aged. The grey hairs are firmly embedded, cant front or fake it anymore.

Me and my peers born in the 60's are officially OLD. :) Har.

So, I did me some thinking on my birthday as I normally do. No escaping it, time to grow up, focus and do what I need without the impetus of marriage or children. Cant wait for that to happen before i decide to knuckle down.

Just gotta remember, because Im taking things more seriously doesnt mean I have to be serious.

Aright then....

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yam said...

happy belated, joe! was off on the islands making some aloha. glad you had a good day!