Sunday, October 07, 2007

What would you have done?

Yesterday morning, Im on my way to the BART station and one of our resident crazy women/tweakers walked by me and threw gatorade into my face. Out of the blue. Unprovoked.

She probably thought I was one of those passive people and wouldve taken that nonsense. What she didnt realise is that I am MUCH faster than I look and not about to play victim to any attack.

I am not FROM California.

I had immediately reacted and was about to haul off with a closed fist, but at her cowering and fear, the programming about not hitting women kicked in - but I was not about to let this go unremarked or unpunished. So In mid-arc I opened my fist, widened the swing and hit her with the palm of my hand in her back.

That thump was enough to shake her but not hurt her. She then had the nerve to go "At least I stood my ground!" after I'd yelled "What the FUCK is wrong with you?!!"

THAT remark made me mad, but I clenched my lip and didnt haul off properly on her - because it was only gatorade after all.

Put me in a bad mood all day, wishing that I HADNT pulled back to make sure she didnt do that again to me or others.

I talked to a cop. He said I did the right thing. If I had indeed hauled off on her, that wouldve been an attack, not self-defense, even though she provoked it. But because I simply reacted, I was within my rights.

Even now though, I am still upset. I REALLY wish I had not pulled back.

What would you have done?


mcclint said...

I know I would have tackled her and beat her senseless. The thing about "never hit a woman" is BS - there are times when it is called for. She's a human being who attacked you. Penis or not, she's getting her face shoved into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if i would have hit her, but i would have shouted at her for sure. i got rabbit punched in the neck walking cross manhattan to m's co. holiday party. she (crazy homeless lady) weaved from m's side and stepped behind me and just punched me in the neck. m didn't even see it. but a pedestrian did. i was telling m what happened and looking at her, but did not do anything--i think i was in shock. she was just muttering to herself and walking along--i don't think there was any use of talking / yelling at her.

it totally ruined my day, too. i didn't even tell anyone. cyn

Joe said...

Clint: Unfortunately, because she's a woman - I couldnt stomp on her. If it were a man, I doubt anyone would care .

Cyn: Im sorry to hear that, but I think that woman thought I would be too shocked to react. She nearly pissed her pants when she saw me on her in 2 seconds in a very bad mood.

I think a harsh reaction is whats needed to make even crazy idiots think twice before messing with you. A good slap wouldve caught that womans attention.

I think Im more pissed I didnt hurt her more, frankly.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman, but i agree on what you've done. her behaviour is ghastly to female species, who are known to be gentle, sweet and no nonsense. her action was stupid.

Anonymous said...

she's crazy. probably doesnt realize what she had done.
you did the right thing