Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Life

I kept looking around for my friend and found her before they hanged her from a tree. I didnt go look but I saw fuzzy pictures of her swinging from the noose on the camera she left behind.

She had killed someone a few years back, she was convicted and the punishment was by hanging, no appeal.

I was trying to find her funeral when I realised something...

She didnt exist. Never did. She had existed as a person in my dream for months now.

What the fuck.

In my waking state, I had no idea. In my dream state, this person was absolutely real. It was only half-asleep this morning did I review and came to the realisation I had been dreaming this double life for months now.

I knew I had been dreaming so intensely for the past year or so that in the transition between dream and reality was indistinguishable. But not to this extent. Even now, in the light of day - I could not give the details of my dreams, but whats troubling is that these dreams have been a continuous narrative of sorts.

So, no - I know no one named Emily who was hanged from a tree.


Feels like Ive been delusional.


Anonymous said...

whoa. time to write a novel! i'd kill for lucid dreams that are as crazy as those. we'd call it the muse bonking you over the head with a heroine and her story. cyn

witchypoo said...

Dawg,hunny, do you get a sense of what time frame the dreams are set in? Is it present time, with computers and cell phones?
Just wondering...
Love, Poo.

Joe said...

Actually, Ive always dreamt like that - but rarely an extended dream like this.

When Im sleeping well, I dream entire stories with a total arc.

Joe said...

Theyre all set in the present perspective.