Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm not much for the holidays.

I think that outlook started as a kid, we didnt have birthday parties. Eventually, what with my travels, it got to the point where holidays passed unnoticed, eventually becoming more of an annoyance than a celebration.

I think many folk are puzzled at my disregard for holiday conventions.

Apart from being aware that most places will be closed, theyre just another day to me really.

Maybe if I have a family, I might do traditions, but eh.
The New York Fox 5 weather woman took the morning weather job @ the SF CBS station here. It's her first Christmas away from the East Coast.

She looked so homesick when her co-workers brought up that fact, saying she had called her mom who replied "You'll be aight".

Christmas here out West is different, especially when you dont have anyone close around. I think the wide open spaces add to it.

Of course, we arent dealing with bad weather, although frankly - I like snow in winter.

Yeah, one could go into the mountains, but it taint the same.


mcclint said...

"humbuggery" always makes me laugh. It sounds like really kinky anal sex.

Joe said...

Heh, I was afraid of that.. but it fit. :)