Sunday, February 17, 2008

Coffee and Internet

Coffee and Internet, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

The home phone is off, hence no DSL. So, when I feel like it, I lug the laptop to the coffee shop and keep up on my internet life. Paradoxically, a real time saver.

It brought home just how much time I waste on the internet. If it werent for photography, Id almost never leave the house.I dont get much mail and the only people I chat to regularly are a few friends. Since they know how I am, they wont take offense to me being offline, knowing I'll respond to missives asking how I am.

However, I reserve the right to crack a WPA key or two. :)


Anonymous said...

That would explain the lack of updates recently. Stay well, Dawg, and check in.
Love, Poo.

mr said...

hey. thinkin' of you, too...

Joe said...

Thanks, Ladies.