Monday, March 31, 2008


- 3 bags is all I care to carry. One duffle bag for clothes, one with the tech gear holding my images and the other for the laptop and camera.

No room for anything else.

I remember when a traveller from Egypt gave me his backpack, boots and a coat. Expensive, top of the line gear. I now understand why he gave his stuff up. He was going to Thailand, leaving the Bay Area. What the hell would he need all that crap for?

I have expensive coats. Heavy. Why would I need that for Southern California. Just because it cost a lot, it weighs me down and takes up space. Damn, but its nice - I dont want to give it up, but I frankly dont need it for where Im going. When I went to Hawaii, the clothes and shoes Id worn from SF felt like armour, I quickly went to the goodwill and bought shorts, light shirts and flip flops, then tossed it before I went back. I couldve travelled to Hawaii with a near empty bag.

Its only because this coat is nearly brand new and expensive. But I wont need it. And I dont want to store anything i wont ultimately need.

3 bags. Ounces count.
I didnt realize just how done I am with San Francisco until I tried to think of something to go photograph. Cant think of a damned thing, and the prospect of freezing when the sun goes down shooting no longer appeals to me.

My jacket has the funk of being worn daily for the past six months, even with washing. I have worn this jacket almost every day when it hasnt been raining since AUGUST. And even before then. The sun goes down, the jacket goes on. My god. Thats a depressing thought. Even in New York or Chicago - I have never worn outerware for as long as I do here.

Ugh. I am done.
Now that my phone has finally been reactivated, I can go look for temp work to get a little cash before I start travelling. The lack of a phone never used to bother me, but it is a huge hindrance when youre trying to go somewhere.

Hopefully, its not too late.

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