Friday, April 11, 2008

My Last Supper

My Last Supper, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

.. as a San Francisco local.

It didnt occur to me until after I had the idea to treat myself to a last restaurant meal in San Francisco, that the Mission Hunan restaurant was the last place I ate at on my first trip to San Francisco, and at that time I considered the best chinese food Id ever tasted, eating even the VEGETABLES to the last crumb.

Turned out it would eventually be my regular neighborhood eating joint, just a square city block from my house. Who knew?

I forget what Lucy told me the dish is called in chinese, but it is a delicately flaky light fish in a light but spicy batter with jalapeno chiles and garlic with plain steamed rice on the side.

Goodness, that was sublime.

And yes, I ate all the broccoli.

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