Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I got to meet Alan Ruck

I got to meet Alan Ruck, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Yes, he's a grown man, the movie was over 20 years ago and he's done many great roles since (see Spin City) - but to me (and my brother), he will always be Cameron Frye from Ferris Beuhler. :D

I normally dont go all groupie when I see or meet famous people, but shit - he's Cameron AND one of my favorite actors.

He graciously called my brother (who was like "who the fuck is this") until I said.. "Dude, its Cameron from Ferris Beuhler!" and posed for a picture taken by his lovely wife, Mireille.

Afterward, my brother texted with "You sounded like a big groupie."

Yes, yes I am.


mcclint said...

I wonder if my celebrity photo trumps yours. Tough call. http://mcclint.blogspot.com/

Joe said...

Hah! Thats great. :)

By the way, your wife needs her own blog.. she's funny.

marlon said...

I remember one December at the Palisades Mall up in Rockland, and there was Cameron with some kids at the gamestop( I assume those where his kids). My kids had no clue who he was and let me know about it by telling the whole store "is he famous"