Monday, May 19, 2008

"You can be passive on the weekends, friday, saturday and sunday. But the rest of the time, you take care of business."

And thats word from a straight talking Chicagoan I met in Santa Monica the other day responding to my assertation that years of living in San Francisco had made my demeanor passive. Ive been whining a lot in LA, until I got angry and stopped fucking around.

LA is not a place for passive people. You have to go out and take care of business.

"Money is the gasoline of life."

- overheard in a Sunset Blvd McDonalds

Normally, I believe that you cant always buy your way into happiness, but dear lord - I do want a new laptop to replace this one that keeps dying on me. Especially as I couldve gotten a nice Toshiba from Fry's Electronics for $379 this weekend. I had to settle for thermal paste and a laptop cooler for 20 bux.

It suffered heat damage and died, and since then I have been unable to keep it running for much longer than 20 minutes, which has crimped my style in many ways. I can keep fixing it, but this is the 3rd or 4th time Ive had an old Dell die on me, and the act has gotten old.

Add to the fact that I need to step up my work search objectives, not having a running machine in this day and age definitely hurts.

So dear lord, you dont have to buy me a Cadillac, but a new Toshiba wouldnt hurt.
Although I havent been able to actually put to words my thoughts - Los Angeles has reinvigorated my writing jones. I am constantly writing in my head. I dont know what it is about the place, but all this output wants to be put down on paper.

It helps that Im living a somewhat Bukowskian existence, minus the skinny prostitute, staying in a skid row, bug infested hotel on the public dole. There is something to be said for this environment, although I think I could also write living in the Hollywood Hills in a multi-million dollar crash pad.

Yeah, I think I could do that. :)


witchypoo said...

Put the link to your Starbucks card on the site, Dawg!
My wish for you is that your passion fuels your wallet!
Much love, Poo.

Anonymous said...

First million I make, I'll get you a lap top for each day of the week! Keep hangin' in there Joe!

Joe said...

Haha, a laptop a month if youre buying MacBook Pro's.

Aright aright Poo. I'll put one up once I figure out how it all works....