Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back in the Third House

Finally got the laptop fixed. Thanks Doc.

And this time, Im making sure I have a backup.

After I fixed the laptop, I got one of my writing dreams again. :)

It was about universes colliding - and the heroes get offed in the first half hour. Hee, I may try this screenwriting thing.

Now, I am determined to write more. I am in a city that is full of talented writers, with a lot to write about.

I am sure people got tired of me whining about the laptop dying - and for that I apologise. But it wasnt a trivial thing for me. Its as if when I arrived in LA and the laptop died soon after, shackles were put around my hands and feet. It was torturous to do anything - looking for work, communicating, processing images finding information. The Gods had me on lockdown.

However, hard times builds character, and havinmg to do without has helped in innumerable ways. It firmed my commitment to my photography and writing - and for that, Im grateful.

But it is good to have a working machine again. Gottdam.

Arthur Elgort
, fashion photographer quoted in Advertising Photography

"He likes to use models who know how to dance.

'Knowing how to dance creates a certain self-awareness. A certain sense of posture, discipline, breathing. Dancers are good at repeating themselves. A model who knows ballet is lighter, is someone who thinks through what she is doing.'"

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witchypoo said...

Why you hardly whined at all!
Mighty glad you got it back.