Saturday, September 13, 2008


Stock, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

My ongoing focus and fear.

Told Brian Yam about setting up my pro photo biz, he snorted and said "About time".

I later related this to LilBro, he snorted and said "We've been telling you the same thing for years."

As with anything, fear is driving my hesitation and procrastinating, even though LA seems conducive to find ways at making money in photography.

Reading the Summer 2008 issue of the Photographer's Forum, and in an article on master photographer Richard Ross :

Personally and professionally, Ross follows the advice he gives to his graduate students: "You should have multiple streams of interests and multiple streams of income and not be dependent on anybody."

Thats what I'd like to do.


cindy said...

after writing my first novel and hanging out in writer forums--i've learned we are definitely our worst enemies when it comes to pursuing our dreams.

so many don't bother for fear of failure.

don't be that person, joey!

Joe said...

Im confronting the fear and making changes.

Ive had a long hard examination of myself, and I feel like I now have the space and freedom to get myself in order. And one of those things is working on pushing through the fears.