Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strawberry Fields

I learned a new slang term here in LA... "Strawberry" aka a woman who sells sex and blow jobs for crack or to get money for crack or LSD.

In talking about getting sex, my room mate spoke of the recovering addicts in downtown LA as "Rebuilt Strawberries". Heh.

Los Angeles, in my opinion is a feminine city, not a masculine city like New York. And the term "Rebuilt Strawberry" applies SO well to the city.

I finished reading "The memoirs of a Hollywood SuperMadam", where Jody "BabyDol" Gibson recounts her days running escort services for LA's rich and mighty, naming names. What shocked me was that she never had to recruit women in LA - they came to HER, and the list of actresses, models and the like that worked for her would boggle the mind. The rotating cast of women on "Two and a Half Men" should give one an idea of the type of women she employed as contractors.

But it clarified a lot of the things I saw and people I met in LA. "Rebuilt Strawberry" fits.

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