Friday, October 24, 2008

Why a Mental Health Day in LA counts as a medical emergency

While living in Berkeley years ago, a friend from LA looked at me as if I were crazy when I told him I planned on going to LA.

"People there are ASS-holes."

Turned out he knew a little of what he was talking about.

Spoke to him on chat today, giving him a summarization of my experiences here.

Me: LA isnt all bad, but its most definitely a different state of mind. Your words kept resonating in my head.

Steve: I tried to warn you. Don't get me wrong there are some good people there but it is so much about appearances and materialism and who you can say who you know in show Biz


Ive been in LA for six months now, and Im taking a break from the place.It is amazing to go to a place that is so brutal mentally that people crack under the pressure.

I havent cracked, but Ive taken too many blows to the head here. So much so - I need a break.

Heh, so Im going to Vegas for a mental break.

Doc's orders. :)

It is so bad here that the welfare people here will exempt you from their requirements if they feel you cant mentally take the pressure. Seriously.

Of course, many in LA will scoff and say it is no different than elsewhere. I beg to differ.

Still, what doesnt kill you, can make you stronger.

But I now understand why Las Vegas exists. It is LA's decompression capsule.


cindy said...

you said sf was loopy, too. haha! you're just too east coast or something. but then, i'm from the suburbs of LA, not the loopy great looking hollywood depths of it.

and i'm not an LA fan myself...

Joe said...

Frisco IS different, but LA - the constant battle to keep your head straight from the forces of idjits, is amazing.

Thats why Im taking my friend's standing offer to check out LV. Not that Im moving there, Ive just never been. That it's a break from LA is a huge bonus.