Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bad patient
I suspected there
was an ulterior reason for my knee to blow, and sure nuff i found out why.

It was to finally get my ass to the doctor.

See, unless there is something seriously wrong, there is no way in HAIL I ever hie thee over to the medical industrial complex.

I may act like a big baby when Im sick, (the secret Virgoan hypochondria *cough*), but I actually have a high tolerance for real pain.

So, this was not trivial.

Here is the trippy part. I hobble from work to bus to the ER for them to look at my knee. The ER nurse checks my vitals and informs scolds me that my blood pressure is off the scale. (My boss wryly noted i shouldnt have been reaming her a new one before going to the hospital, but hey - Im not shy when folk irritate me with silly shytte.)

So, Dr Mei (way cool doctor) was far more interested in my high blood pressure and diabetic condition than my inflamed knee, which had - almost miraculously - gone way down in size in the short distance between the ER and the clinic.

She confirmed it by the ER nurse's notes which read "acute pain, swollen knee" and noted that pain was largely gone and had deflated down to normal size (comparing it with my other knee). In one block and a 10 minute wait to see the doc. I am not kidding. I thought I was gonna need surgery on the thing.

So, Im now fasting before a blood test in the morrow, which I would never have gone for the pain of my now 80 percent better traiterous knee.

Weirdly, I was happy for this when I left the medical industrial campus complex. Probably because my knee was getting better and I didnt need surgery...

It's all in how you look at it.

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