Monday, March 27, 2006

Due diligence using jedi mind tricks

Digital Camera UK magazineAfter work
yesterday, i wandered over to ye olde camera store to fondle, err - examine the next camera purchase.

First impressions were good, the feel was good, controls I can decipher etc etc. nothing to change my mind. A good dsLR to start off with.

I was happy. Next paycheck, the camera would be mine.

Until, the salesgirl started talking about lenses. Thats when the shock & pain started.

For a hundred bux more, I get the kit lens. For 400 bux more, the kit lens that comes with the Nikon D70. For 750 bux, the nice all in one lens that is sold with the Nikon D200. The nice one. The one everyone can use. Which is sold out everywhere.

By the time she was finished talking about lenses, BASIC lenses at that - we were talking about 1400 bux extra.

And the really, really nice lens, the one I really want to start off with is 2 grand.


The dilemma is - do i get cheaper lenses I can afford and deal with inferior images, which is NOT the reason Im making the move to more expensive gear - or suck it up and buy good stuff and eat ramen for a year?

Well, i am one persistent bugger - so I know there are ways of getting around this short of hacking into a bank (armed robbery is so passe).

It's a commitment and investment, so i better man up and bleed money. :)

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