Thursday, April 20, 2006

Straight outta Jersey. Please.

I got a good deal on the Nikon D50, the amount I dropped on it is not trivial, specially since i go on the cash and carry system, not the buy-now pay-later system.

This is why Im getting anxious with FedEx delivering it. According to their tracking the package hasnt left New Jersey in the 4 days since they picked it up from Beach Camera. i am anxious because in the New York/NJ area, people are criminally opportunistic and Im afraid someone decided to swipe it from a loading dock.

No, Im not merely being paranoid - Ive had it happen before (with UPS). Filing claims and raising hell afterward was not fun.

I am already anticipating having to file claims with Visa and Fedex to get my money back.

If Fedex's tracking told me it got to Newark Airport or Memphis and is just sitting in a sorting area or it has been loaded on a truck and is crawling cross country, Id feel better - but no, it tells me it's still in Jersey.

I email Fedex for a tracking update, and they tell me:

FedEx Home Delivery: Status of Shipment

Response (Richard N.) - 04/20/2006 03:52 PM
Dear Joseph:

We received your e-mail. Thank you for writing FedEx. We apologize for
the inconvenience.

FedEx tracking information is updated to reflect each new scan of your
package. Update times vary depending on the destination and location of
each package. There is typically a slight time lag from when the package enters the FedEx tracking system, to when it is transmitted to the Internet tracking

According to our records, your shipment has an estimated delivery date
of April 22 by the end of the day.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for shipping FedEx.

Richard N.
FedEx Customer Service

"Slight lag"???? Ugh. Tell me what i want to hear, namely "has the bloody thing left New Jersey yet".

I email Lilibro who worked for Fedex for several years....

Youve worked for fedex, look at this tracking number


Picked up in Jersey on monday, supposed to be here in
Frisco by Saturday.

Does it look like its on its way, or did somebody
snatch it in Jersey, you think?

He answered:

U are so mistrusting.

The provider (person u bought the bomb from), dropped it off in keasby, nj.
The driver then picked it up and dropped it off at the depot in edison.
Since its in new jersey, it will fly out of newark airport (they might not tell u that) that is where all the frieght goes to in the upper east coast, then it will go to memphis. (where ALL frieght goes to to be sorted)
then it will be on its way san fran.

at 3:30 package data was transmitted so dat means it hasnt even hit memphis yet.

u straight son.

Love my brother, but he is far more trusting than I am.

*click click click*

I later wrote to lilbro:

Awright, how come it hasnt left jersey yet, when its
supposed to be in cali by Saturday? They just let
packages sit around?

He answered:

yup no doubt. looks like they picked the express saver, and its delivery time isnt until the 22nd of this month anyway homie.

Well, that makes more sense. That's that then. Lets see if it actually gets here tomorrow.

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