Monday, April 17, 2006

Today's horrorscope:

Don't stress yourself out trying to control things you can't control. If you can't control them (and you know what 'them' are), you can't control them. So take a step back and then take a deep breath and then let go. You've done everything you can do (and you know it), so just enjoy the free time, if you can (and you can). Why do you always have to be doing something, anyhow? Some days it's okay to just be.

The epiphany came as i was playing with the camera using the manual controls.

Shit, I was PROFOUND even.

Lessee, long story short:

I was explaining to someone that I was learning how to use the camera manually because I'd been scared to use them before, so learning the manual controls would ultimately give me more control and get over my fear of not being able to control the camera properly.

Then I said: "Being angry and frustrated is being afraid of not being in control."

Damn. Exactly.
Virgo. You don't just think deeply, you feel deeply. You consider deeply. You imagine how things could be different on a deep level. You process deeply. You feel strongly about the world in both its spiritual and physical dimensions, and you aren't content if you haven't been able to penetrate to a deep level of understanding of your milieu. So get started.

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