Monday, May 29, 2006

As usual, today's horrorscope encapsulates how im feeling:

You will want to be on the move today - you just cannot abide having to stay in the same old place with the same old faces doing the same old things. It's about time you were a bit more adventurous and if you start making plans today it won't be long before you are in an environment that is more to your liking - maybe for good.

I am so ready to go. To move on. Hell, right now I want to pack a backpack, roll up a serape, strap on my tripod and ride the bus for miles, wash up in public bathrooms and wander while waiting for the bus to head out to the next destination.

Heh, the romance of the road.

My last road trip was my cross-country trip in 2002, and one of my favorite parts was riding up and down the California coast in the local Greyhound bus. Unfortunately, except for brief stops, i didnt get to see most of it and i swore I would see a bit of California before I went wandering other states and overseas.

4 years later, I am more than ready to go.

Before I came out here, someone said, if i go nowhere else, check out Monterey and Big Sur.

Done and done.

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