Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Something slightly interesting happened today...

At first
, the email was going to be tossed as spam, but I clicked it open to check. Apparently someone wanted to talk to me.

JPennant: ok, did interview.
McClint: and?
JPennant: 20 minute convo, probably ending up being a one line quote in the article :-)
McClint: how did it go?
JPennant: went great.
JPennant: I told her pretty much everything, answered her questions on the angle she is using for the article.
McClint: cool
McClint: you'll have to buy up all the copies in the bay area when it gets published :-)
JPennant: yeah. at least I can say, I was interviewed by the NY Times :-)


JPennant: here is how that nytimes reporter found me
McClint: ?
McClint: hahahah 'quit my job' and 'trip'
JPennant: yup
JPennant: and i popped up number 1 :-)
McClint: it just so happens that you had those words on your page withinn the past several weeks
JPennant: several times
JPennant: interestingly, according to my horrorscope, something special was to happen
JPennant: i was having a good laff over this one in particular
JPennant: Though your standard M.O. is to side step confrontations, the current Mars/Saturn combo in your money house offers a challenge worth accepting. Perhaps you'll even raise the ante a bit, pushing to the max. Why not? This week you can not only leap tall buildings in a single bound but afford to buy one.
JPennant: heehee
McClint: :-)

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