Friday, May 12, 2006

I dub a dub dub thee..


Why? I dunno. But that is now the name of the Nikon D50.

Well, I was thinking, I may buy another one as I like this one so much - I could keep a lens on one while I put a different lens on another, to avoid the hassle and time to change lenses while shooting. (I'll prolly get a Fuji S2 body as planned before I do that.) While thinking this, the name "Betty" occurred to me.

It's definitely not a feminine camera, but "Betty" just feels right. I dunno why.

Heh, someone online was talking about having a crush on comic book characters. I think I had a slight crush on Betty of Archie comics fame. Pretty, down-to-earth and true blue.

It just fits in my mind.

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