Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just needed to tell somebody

JPennant: Ok. Im done slumming.
MisterB: bout time ;-)
JPennant: heheheh.
MisterB: one more thing to slum around for...
JPennant: Hahaha, Im hitting every starbux in Frisco :-)
MisterB: kekeke
JPennant: Got a quit date in mind.
JPennant: a "quit my job" date
JPennant: even tho i have dont have crap saved up to cover the rent :-)
MisterB: nod
JPennant: Whoo. feels good. :-)
JPennant: Naturally, I'll put myself through many "what are you thinking" sessions later.. but for now, i have a grin o' joy on my face. :-)
MisterB: :-D
JPennant: Im thinking of packing a backpack and buying a mexican blanket for a Road Trip on Greyhound!to:
JPennant: Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Diego
JPennant: :-)
JPennant: I just like saying that. :-)
MisterB: how old are you? kekeke
JPennant: Old enough to know time's a' wasting :-)
Nancy was my boss when I worked at the global headquarters of Deloitte in NYC. Great person, salt of the earth, loyal to the end. Great lady. Love her.

JPennant: *wave* :-)
Nancy: hi Joe! How are you????
JPennant: Im good Nance, how is one of my favorite people :-)
Nancy: aw - you're sweet... I'm ok. Same old same old
JPennant: <- Still in Frisco, shooting pictures, about to quit my job with no money in the bank and looking forward to it :-)
Nancy: sounds like you have'nt changed much ;-)
JPennant: hahaha
JPennant: So, same old, Im assuming is...
Nancy: still at Deloitte
JPennant: Still at DTT, still shacked up and your office is still romper room central? :-)
Nancy: no - no romper room anymore... The group I work with now is based in Chicago so I'm pretty much solo here
Nancy: dtt is so big now its scary
Nancy: too many new people
Nancy: its crazy - the global office is over 500 people now
JPennant: WOW
Nancy: too big if you ask me
JPennant: The partners are finally throwing around money?
Nancy: lol - be real!
JPennant: hahahaha
JPennant: And the next time I do New York, I'll drop in on you
Nancy: please do!
JPennant: I swear, I'll dress up this time :-)
Nancy: not necessary
JPennant: hehehe
Nancy: it would be great to see a friendly face :-)
JPennant: I'll bring a few pix for ya
Nancy: cool! You can help decorate my cell err office
JPennant: true dat. I would be honored.
JPennant: and finally sign the ones you have :-)
Nancy: :-D

JPennant: so, anyway, now that Ive decided on the quit date - I feel free.
JPennant: Im gonna go look for a mexican blanket, get my backpack and go on a short road trip on the bus :-)
Nancy: anywhere in particular or just where the wind (and bus) takes you?
JPennant: Santa Cruz to go see an online buddy
JPennant: Monterey to see the aquarium
Nancy: great places for picture taking too
JPennant: San Diego, to go to the zoo (if I can swing the 50 bux entrance fee)
JPennant: yes indeedy
Nancy: geez that's expensive
JPennant: yes indeedy
JPennant: i got my first dSLR last month
Nancy: dslr?
JPennant: Digital SLR
Nancy: ah
JPennant: pro level quality on my pix
Nancy: like it?
JPennant: ooh yes
JPennant: planning to get another at the end of the year
Nancy: good for you!!!!
JPennant: It is time
Nancy: glad to see things are coming together for you
JPennant: Oh! Did I mention I got to Hawaii?
Nancy: i saw that on your website... i was soooo jealous. its one of my fav places
JPennant: gotta go back :-)
Nancy: i hear ya... i'd go tomorrow if i could
JPennant: I got what I needed, but I dont want to live there year round
JPennant: dont want to get stranded there.
Nancy: island fever
JPennant: zactly
Nancy: 10 days was enough for me to decompress from NY
JPennant: man, you are so right
JPennant: I totally shed my skins there
JPennant: i got there, went to goodwill, bought warm weather clothes and slippers :-)
JPennant: even got a skirt
Nancy: lol
Nancy: did ya learn the hula?
JPennant: People were looking at me funny, I didnt car
JPennant: Samoans were telling me I looked like a chief
Nancy: so you fit right in ;-)
JPennant: totally
JPennant: people were telling me I probably lived in the islands in a previous life.
Nancy: possibly... i could see you as a chief
JPennant: that kinda makes sense to me too
Nancy: fire dancing
JPennant: hahaha.. naah

JPennant: aright hon, leme let you go
JPennant: SO good catching up :-)
Nancy: ok - great chatting with you!!!! Be well and safe travels :-)
JPennant: (((hug)) :-)

Im sappy with people I know. :)

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