Saturday, June 17, 2006

Apropos of nothing

Songs currently on rotation in my mind

The DiVinyls - I Touch Myself
Spoon - I Turn My Camera On

No reason, just stuck in my mind.

I'd add James Blunt's "Youre Beautiful" for the refrain, but the song itself sucks.

JPennant: oh hey, you have access to an old 4.9 version of itunes somewhere?
JPennant: otherwise, i'll have to do surgery on itunes
McClint: hmm 4.9....
McClint: why that version?
JPennant: because thats what is on my puter, it is corrupted, wont uninstall peacefully and wont allow version 6 to be installed over it
McClint: if it won't uninstall then you're screwed
McClint: I had a guy with a PC laptop and iTunes 4.9 and the original CD installer...
McClint: installing on top of it didn't work either
JPennant: well, either find 4.9 or I'll just yank it with pliers and forceps
McClint: hahaha
McClint: when you try to uninstall it, what happens?
JPennant: unistall file is missing
McClint: DOH
JPennant: that would be my fault, naturally.
McClint: naturally :-)
JPennant: trying to free up space for photos
McClint: hmmm try uninstalling just Quicktime and see if that helps
McClint: it doesn't install a lot deep into the system fortunately
JPennant: Nah, ferk it, i'll just yank it from the registry. id have done it before, but Im getting old and just didnt feel like screwing with it
McClint: that might help?
JPennant: nah, its symptomatic of greater problems
JPennant: what really needs to be done is for me to put a new drive in the system and start afresh
JPennant: a fresh D&R of everything
JPennant: id ghost the drive and copy everything over whole, but thats just bringing old problems to the party
JPennant: heh, thats one of the advantages of being old and grizzled
JPennant: knowing that the hard way is actually the easy way. :-)
McClint: hehehe

Being young and enthusiastic is good and all, but when youve driven down the road many times before, its better just dial in the destination than to take the scenic route unintentionally.

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