Saturday, June 17, 2006

McClint: Mista Pennant!

Auto response from JPennant: I am away from my computer right now.

JPennant: yessir massa clint
McClint: hehe
McClint: what are you gonna do when you leave da job?
McClint: road trip?
JPennant: chill. .make a sammich
McClint: hehehe
JPennant: yes. thats the plan
JPennant: but really, what Im doing is making room for shit to happen
McClint: that's right... you aren't an anal Capricorn such as myself
McClint: to paraphrase The Hunt for Red October... Capricorns don't take a dump without a plan.
JPennant: neither do Virgo's.. same but different.
McClint: :-)

JPennant: Im in writing mode, putting together an entry
JPennant: now that Im gonna be free in a few days, my mind is freeing itself.
McClint: hehe
JPennant: you know - Im getting close to the culmination of my Five Year Plan (Im on year 4)
JPennant: I dont feel organised and ready, but im actually right on schedule.
JPennant: The whole thing is actually a Fifteen Year plan, but broken down in 5 year increments
JPennant: Who says Virgo's dont plan. :-)
McClint: hahaha
JPennant: however, a weakness of mine is that i hate to write shit down and make lists.
McClint: that does complicate the planning process
JPennant: sure does.
JPennant: there is actually a good reason I dont, but its not the best way
JPennant: why i dont write shit down is that im actually planning for the unexpected
JPennant: so, i'll have it all in my mind
JPennant: the glitch is
JPennant: I can no longer recall all of it at will anymore.
JPennant: so, in this case, I need to write it all down in an organised fashiopn.
McClint: hehe instead of tying a finger around your finger, you have to look in the mirror and remember what caused this gray hair... and that gray hair
JPennant: hahahaha
JPennant: so true :-)

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