Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Im tellin' ya - one of the tricks to life isnt the answers, but to learn how to ask the right questions.

The only thing tougher is learning acceptance, but that's a philosophy discussion for another day.

Just came across this quote that perfectly encapsulates why asking the right questions is so important..

The wrong questions just produce more confusion. When you ask the right questions, the answers ring out like church bells -- obvious, marvelous celebrations.

So, so true..

Been meaning to use up my remaining benefits but, as usual - procrastination reigns.

Heh, the gods have a sure way to remind me to get off my arse...

My last glasses snapped.


Good thing i have a vision plan, right?

I checked my plan, and there was an optometrist not 2 blocks from my house (LOVE my neighborhood) - and quite chi chi too, so even though they showed me the cheap frames in the crappy drawer (what my plan covers, natch) - it still had some nice stylish frames in there.

Heh, like i know from stylish. But anything is a good replacement for these 90's aviator style glasses ive been wearing.

Paid my copay and the difference in the price wasnt so bad, so - hey, the glasses should be on their way in under a week.

Now, about those fillings.

Gah, I hate dentists.

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