Sunday, July 30, 2006

JPennant: im restless again
mars: again?
mars: where do you want to go?
JPennant: LA
mars: is so close. just go!
mars: ;P
JPennant: hahahaha
JPennant: i gotta plan and scheme and scheme and plan
JPennant: then i can just go :-)
mars: excuses
mars: =)
JPennant: ya makin too much sense woman :-)
JPennant: acttually, if i can pay my rent for a bit, then figure out how to live there for a bit....
mars: that would be fun
JPennant: im bored wit frisco right now
JPennant: takin pictures of the same stuff
mars: picture wise i can see that
JPennant: yah
mars: so pretty soon then you'll be goin?
JPennant: yah. dont know how or when, but yah
JPennant: lemme check my lotto tickets :-)
mars: =) good luck!
JPennant: hahaha

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