Wednesday, August 02, 2006

JPennant: im gonna forget on the eighth, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-)
mars: 8th?
JPennant: or 3rd
mars: 2nd
mars: haha
mars: so you're right on time
mars: thanks
JPennant: :-)
mars: and you're the 30th right?
JPennant: 29th, same as cyn :-)
mars: oh cool beans
mars: HAPPYBIRTHDAY incase i forget. I'll just tell you happy birthday everytime i IM you
mars: haha
JPennant: hee
JPennant: Thank you
JPennant: i act as if my birthday isnt a big deal and i dont like a big fuss but i definitely treat it as a big deal when people REMEMBER
mars: it is nice when people remember
mars: especially when its people you wouldn't think would remember
JPennant: definitely
JPennant: they get lotsa brownie points from me when they do

mars: it doesn't feel like my birthday this year
JPennant: why not?
JPennant: no sense of anticipation?
mars: maybe because i'm so worried about school now. this is the first time I have my birthday during the regular school year
mars: since hawaii changed their school calendar
JPennant: heh, youre talking to a guy who got clothes and school supplies for birthday presents. :-)
mars: lol
JPennant: thats prolly why i dont treat it as a big ol deal
JPennant: but you know
JPennant: A) Its still YOUR day
JPennant: and B) Its nicer to celebrate a birthday week, not just one day
mars: i once went to Todai on my birthday because it was a free meal but then you hear everyone getting sung happy birthday too and you just don't feel special anymore
mars: ooh birthday week....that's soo much better!
JPennant: yes indeedy :-D
JPennant: so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-)
mars: thank you!
JPennant: all mine the pleasure is :-)

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