Monday, July 31, 2006


Talking to a colleague outside my place, a woman with her kids walked past me, and then stopped, turned back, looking at me in disbelief.


We hugged and alla dat.

I introduced her to my colleague:

"This is K, we used to work together at in New York."
"New York???"
"Youre kidding. All the way in New York??"
"Heh. Yup."

K is originally from San Francisco, did married with kids in NY, but returned back because she wanted her kids to grow up in California.

The kicker, after a distance of thousands of miles, K now lives across the street from me.



I had a very long dream, about my ex-fiance back in Chicago.

No details for public consumption, but what is interesting is that Ive never really dreamt of the women, past and present, in my life.

In the past few weeks Ive dreamt of a few.


Feels like im saying goodbye.

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