Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boomer and Chico

Boomer and Chico, originally uploaded by cecily.

I was walking through the Mission district with Pennant and GHK when Pennant took off across the street. He had noticed Chico standing in the doorway with Boomer on his shoulder and struck up a conversation. G. and I were amazed. "How does he do that?" G. wondered. I wasn't sure, but it makes him a much better photographer than I'll ever be, unless I get over my introversion.

Boomer could do tricks - well, a trick. If you put your finger on the top of his head and pressed down, he'd pretend to go to sleep. He also pitched a little bit of a fit, flying around to Chico's back and hiding inside the hood of his sweatshirt.

Uploaded by cecily on 5 Sep '06, 10.20pm PDT.

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