Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Soft heart, Soft head

JPennant: Man, I have been so "safe" from relationships for so long, that it feels like a big step to look to get into one
glinessa: take your time
JPennant: thats the logical path
glinessa: doesn't always work that way i know
JPennant: usually, I take the attitude of "this too shall pass"
JPennant: because it will
JPennant: this one, I would rather it didnt
glinessa: take your time...no expectations until warranted
glinessa: enjoy it and see where it goes
JPennant: believe it or not, thats not the issue
JPennant: I am rarely soft for anyone
glinessa: i know :-)
JPennant: for unfortunately, that means soft heart, soft head. :-)
glinessa: hahahahahaha
glinessa: you'll be ok


Anonymous said...

we're always softer than we'd lead others to believe. sharp tongue, soft heart. =) cyn

Anonymous said...

you deserve this anticipation...and that delight, joe. mars

Joe said...

Here's hoping, guys.