Saturday, November 03, 2007

JPennant: Convince me to get a job
mcclint: chicks dig it when you got bank :-)
JPennant: Hee hee hee
JPennant: good one. :-)
mcclint: and you can't go out and buy your penis extens... err I mean big, bad camera without a job
JPennant: *cackle*
JPennant: Anything else? :-)
mcclint: you'll get bored out of your skull without something to occupy your time
JPennant: nah
JPennant: I like to slack
mcclint: who doesn't? :-)
JPennant: and can do that for weeks at a time
mcclint: hmmmm well have you figured out your new goals in life? (the stuff that came up since your mom died)
JPennant: I have, but I rarely feel urgency unless there is something that spurs me to action.
mcclint: hehe (in my best Jamaican accent)
mcclint: "Get up and get a job, ya lazy boy!"
mcclint: :-)
JPennant: didnt work with my fahver, that doesnt work now. :-)
mcclint: hahah


psychicgeek said...

I loves me some clint, I does.
How ya been, Dawg?
Btw, I'm blogging again.
Love, Poo.

mcclint said...

Yeah I've always got something to say... too bad I can't seem to find something to post in my blog

Joe said...

Hey Ms Gracie - Im aright, hoping you see me going to bigger an' better.

Hah, "psychicgeek". I was wondering who that was on my flickr list. Of course, no new pics.

Clint: It's gotten so bad, I havent read your blog in nearly a year.