Sunday, October 28, 2007

To thine self

Jerry Seinfeld on being himself in work:

"To me, that's my day, is work on some stuff and then do a set. That's what feels like a normal day for me. Everything else, I feel that I'm being pressed into service. 'We need you to . . . cast this movie. We need you to write this scene. We need you to help us edit this line.'

I don't really wanna do any of these things.

But then I just offer my services, but these are not my fields. I know it, I've learned it. I've learned it from the sitcom and from stand-up, I have acquired these skills, but they all feel like sidelines to me, they all feel like detours."

That's how I feel about fixing computers and photography. I want to do ONLY those things. Everything else about those fields, Ive learned the skills - but they feel like detours.

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