Sunday, December 16, 2007

Requim for a Mac

Requim for a Mac, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

About 2 -3 months after I got it, this Powerbook died.

Except for my old PowerComputing Mac, every Mac Ive personally owned has died on me - this one simply refused to boot. It is one of the reasons I dont belong to the Cult of Mac.

I can fix it, but Im not motivated to do that because A) As a tech, I consider computers disposable, B) Laptops are a BITCH to work on once you get past memory upgrades C) There are 3 possible things wrong with it and one of them costs more than the thing is worth, D) It's time to buy a new Mac. I need an Intel Mac.

I do miss it tho, because Lord, the thing is pretty. Simply gorgeous.

However, when it died and I picked up a near brand-new PC for a HUNDRED BUX off Craigslist, my productivity went through the roof. I simply struggled to process the massive amount of images I shoot with it. Not because it was slow, but because the tools available for the Mac are simply inefficient. Trust me, Im not ill-informed.

There is not one Mac based photographer I know who doesnt have a PC in the corner.

So, as nice as this machine is - it is better off dead.


mcclint said...

You're just begging for me to comment on this post, aren't ya? :)

Anonymous said...

I'll say a little prayer for it.
Remember the etch-a-sketch?
Love, Poo.