Friday, December 21, 2007

Switching on the LAMP

Its been 10 years now, but the best part of working for America Online was working with a whole bunch of like-minded geeks. After AOL, my significant geek moments go uncelebrated with few folk who can appreciate it.

In any case, after I left, I was urged by deep geek friends to switch to Unix. One totally switched over, running clusters in his bedroom. My geek friends felt it was in my best interest.

The deepest Ive gotten with unix is to set up a QA lab and a few web-servers, but otherwise, I didnt use it.

In retrospect, I shoulda - but I wasnt that interested.

Nowadays, LAMP competence is almost mandatory. And unlike 10 years ago, it's ready for primetime, so ....

I'm switching to Unix. For personal use, even.

For a geek, that is a Big Deal.

Yeah, Im still a geek.

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